dental implants

Dental implants replace lost tooth roots, helping to restore your smile’s appearance and function. They can be paired with crowns, implant-supported bridges, and dentures.

Dental implant model

are dental implants right for me?

Dental implants an excellent choice for patients who need dentures, since the implants offer stability. No longer will eating certain foods be a challenge, and comfort levels will be vastly improved. They are so natural looking and feeling that you may forget you ever lost a tooth.

Depending on your situation, implants can also be a great replacement for crowns and bridges.

what dental implants can do

  • Replace one or more teeth without affecting bordering natural teeth.

  • Support a bridge and eliminate the need for a removable denture.

  • Provide support/stability for a denture making it more secure and comfortable.

  • Prevents bone loss due to missing tooth atrophy

do you need dental implants in miramar, FL?

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