In most cases, we try to preserve as much natural tooth material as possible. However, there are times when one or more teeth must be removed for the sake of your oral health.

At Riviera Dental Care, we're very sensitive to your concerns and use our experience and expertise to make treatment as comfortable as possible.

dental tools and a mask on a white surface

how an extraction works

In simple cases, we will use a tool called an elevator to lift the tooth out of its socket. You should only feel slight pressure and it will be over in seconds. For more complex cases where the tooth is obstructed, we may need to first break the tooth into smaller pieces.

why you might need an extraction

We only perform extractions as a last resort. We will first try options such as root canal therapy and periodontal treatment. Some examples of what could lead to a necessary extraction include:

  • Injury

  • Severe decay

  • Impacted wisdom teeth

What are the benefits of an extraction?

While you might think removing a tooth is a bad thing, it can have many benefits, with the most noticeable being a reduction of pain. It also gives you the opportunity to replace your decayed or damaged tooth with a realistic, durable, and fully functional restoration, such as a bridge or dental implant.

do you think you need an extraction in miramar, FL?

Do you have impacted wisdom teeth or are feeling severe tooth pain from damage or decay? Dr. Grant and our expert dental team at Riviera Dental Care can provide the services you need in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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